Sunday, 1 January 2012

Malaysian Tigers, very appropriate

I just read off NatGeo December 2011 today that Malaysia has the second largest population of wild tiger (Panthera tigris) in the world, after India. Thus it is undoubtedly appropriate for our national football team to use the nickname 'Malayan Tigers'. Despite the dwindling number of the cats in the wild, I hope the converse is true for the spirit of our football team. Keep the 'roar' loud and proud Malayan Tigers!

But the struggle to find a way to avoid further clashes between wild tigers and human is still on-going. With more and more virgin forests cleared to give way to plantations, we are limiting the resources for the animal. This is probably why at one time news on tiger attack on humans made multiple headlines in the country. It is not so much of a problem lately (from the absence of latest news pertaining), but that does not mean the tigers have stopped the attacks. Either they have been hunted down out of revenge, or being forced out of the current habitat to other tiny patches of undisturbed land, only the tigers know...

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