Thursday, 24 November 2011

Movie Overload!

In conjunction with Keputeraan Tuanku Sultan Johor (The Sultan of Johor Birthday) recently, we had a 'broken' long weekend. A weekend, then working Monday, and holiday again. But that's not too bad at all isn't it? Nothing much to do other than studying for lectures, I decided to dedicate the three days for, moviesss!! I haven't had a chance to see many movies lately, so this is the opportunity for me, and a housemate.

So the first movie in the series, on Saturday we saw The Immortals starring Henry Cavill and Freida Pinto. I remember Henry from the British epic drama The Tudors, as King Henry VIII's 'sidekick'. In The Immortals, Henry is the hero and Freida is the oracle. Well, nothing much to say about this movie really, apart of the quite impressive CGIs. The storyline is also very well known, adapted from Greek mythology. Is there a sequel? (anxiously waiting...)

The second one on Sunday, is Mr PIB aka Puss in Boot! Long a fan of Puss from Shrek, I just could not wait to see this movie that I had been watching lots of videos, trailers and teasers on YouTube. The cat even has his own channel! An enjoyable movie as many would expect, but maybe too many teasers spoiled the movie for me. Few surprises because many of the jokes I had seen on YT. So lesson learnt, do not watch too many teasers before watching the real movie... But I still love the part where the animals dance to Lady Gaga's Americano (this is not considered another spoiler, as it is available on YT ;)

 And the final one in the series, on Monday, is watching the penguins, penguin-turned puffin, sea elephants, krill and icebergs. No it is not National Geographic, it's Happy Feet 2! Who would have thought that Happy Feet has a sequel? At least not me. I think the most enjoyable one out of three, maybe because I had no single idea of what the movie is all about. Amazing graphics too, even in 2D. I guess the 3D version must be brilliant, with lots of eye-popping scenes. Five of my stars for the penguins! But, is the puffin Scandinavian??

My recommendation? Go and see all three.


  1. ^_^ Puss in Boots yesterday with Peedry (Peerada)

  2. so what do you think? peedry?? not jja anymore?

  3. Seronok ... :) but not like you ... I never watch any trailer before went to cinema :D I love his sweet eyes :)
    hahaha still Jaar but Peedry is the name her colleagues call her

  4. that was a good idea, not to spoil the mood. i see now peerada is collecting nicknames :D

  5. I mean only for only Puss in Boots ... she has a lot of nicknames ... lol