Monday, 3 December 2012

Life of Pi

This is one of the movies that caught my attention a few months ago, when the trailer was shown at the cinema. The picture looked great, especially the scenes at the sea. But I suspect the storyline might not be that strong.
So last weekend I had the opportunity to go and see it, after a while of 'movie drought'. I wanted to see the 3D one, because again I suspect the strength of the movie is on the special effects and cinematography. But it was sold out. So we opted for the normal one instead. As expected, it was an 'OK' movie if based solely on the story. It was one of the 'feel-good', 'not too heavy' kind of movie. But the pictures were amazing, made for 3D screening. It was so colourful, filled with heart warming scenes of the friendship between Pi and the Bengal tiger in the middle of the ocean.
Overall it was not too bad, even though not in eye popping 3D. But I wouldn't mind watching it again, in 3D of course! Or maybe I should buy the book. I heard it is a best-seller. Buying the book will probably take some time, as I will have to drop by the nearest bookstore, physically. That is without the guarantee it is in stock. How I wish we have the efficiency of here...

Next movie in line, The Hobbit!