Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Facebook status message, originally posted 7 May 2015

My timeline is filled with photos of poor Myvi cars wrongly targeted for the stupidity of others. Calm down fellow Malaysians, channel your anger to those deserving it, and this is the perfect moment to push for stronger enforcement of road and highway laws and codes. AES looks like an effective way of forcing motorists to slow down at dangerous stretches. But I don't know why it has not been enforced at more locations nationwide (the issue was even politicised if I remember it correctly). 
Speedtraps failed IMHO. Officers are there sometimes, are not most of the other times. When it rains, midday when the weather's hot, at night, some public holidays, no speedtraps. Accidents do not only happen when the weather's nice, cool, and during working hours only. And this is not the problem of Malaysian attitude. All drivers, from poor, developing or developed countries, tend to drive fast when there are no laws or rules telling them not to. That's the thrill of driving! But when it's dangerous, where you are not supposed to drive fast, then it's up to the law to stop them. People are inherently wreckless if there are no set of rules to govern them. We can't afford the public outcry or vigilantes anymore to instil fear in people, so they behave themselves. Ultimately, those with power in their hands must use it, especially on road and highway law enforcement. With some money, a lot can be done!
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Facebook status message, originally posted 11 May 2015

I am terribly sad to read the news about migrants and asylum seekers drowned on their way to seek better lives out of their own countries. Others using the land route may end up in refugee camps at the border of their country with the neighbours. Of course it is the responsibility of the host countries to accept these migrants in any way economically possible. But this will definitely create a issue of spending millions of taxpayers' money to provide subsistence for these migrants until their asylums are granted. Then there will be a challenge faced by these newcomers in the new country, having to face discriminations that will lead to hate crimes. Imagine the mental state of these people that have to go through such an unthinkable experience, their homes burned down, their countries reduced to rubble, their families killed or taken from them.
I do not agree that these migrants are just going to cause the spike in crimes if they are accepted into society. All human beings have the right to live a peaceful lives wherever they are. Maybe a few turned to violence out of choice, but the majority of them just hope for a better place to raise their families. 
But human beings are complex. We tend to scorn migrants coming into our countries, especially from a less prosperous countries. We know that these people should be helped, but as long as it does not have to come out of our own pocket. We are happy to receive those with genuine intentions of seeking asylum and protection, but not at the expense of our jobs. This leaves countries popular as migration destination with a very difficult task in hand. Italy is one example. Australia is also one of them. Generally, I think these countries are doing the best they could to help. But there is a point where, they have to do a delicate balance between sustaining the process economically, with doing their responsibility from a humanitarian point of view, and the perception of their own citizens. No countries have the secret formula for this until now, probably because there isn't one.
Ultimately, I would put the full blame on the few greedy, power-hungry leaders who care only about protecting their own interests. They do not care their fellow countrymen are suffering. They do not care people are fleeing their country as the country is now poor, unsafe as a consequence of their action. For as long as they still hold their positions. This I can never ever comprehend. What human being wouldn't mind seeing all these sufferings happening before their eyes and yet chose to do nothing to stop it. What has blocked their eyes and brains? Why do they have to exist in the first place?
My thoughts and prayers to those affected by war in the Middle East, Africa, by persecutions in Asia, the Balkans and the world over.

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