Sunday, 17 June 2012

Another smooth weekend passed by

It's Sunday evening. And that marks another smooth weekend passed by. Well not smooth as in I did not do anything at all. I did a few things worth doing, but not notable enough to earn an entry on its own.

First of all there was a power outage yesterday around my neighbourhood. Not just a short one which can be ignored of course. It started around 10 am and lasted till after lunch. By that time our house was starting to turn into one big steaming hot oven! Annoyed by the lack of notice being given by the the power provider TNB, my housemate and me decided to give their helpline a call. As usual the call was greeted by a robot, and after a short while I got to speak to an officer. I told her what's wrong (still keeping my composure), and she got back saying that supposedly there is a scheduled maintenance being carried out from 10 am to 7 pm. What??! A maintenance that long and we were not even given a sentence of advanced notice! They have got to be kidding me. Fortunately, the officer seems well trained, and her professionalism shines when apologising for the lack of notice (or in fact she said there was, but it got lost somewhere in the cascade). And I thought there was no use shouting at her, calmed down, and started thinking how to spend the day with the sun starting to shine brightly outside...  It is worth mentioning that the weather is somewhat very hot and sunny these few days. I am not a big fan of heat, but I always enjoy sunshine. It gives me some kind of energy to get through the day. And that proves that I am a true Malaysian! Other than that, Saturday went by uneventful.

I also spent the weekend reading, and on my current reading list is a thick book (by my standard, three books in one in fact) by Haruki Murakami. I first heard his name from one of my former colleagues when I was in London. I did not pay too much attention to this author at that time. And not too long after that, I glanced through an article on BBC News website mentioning a latest book by Murakami, and how it is a much-awaited book by many people. Again, I did not pay much attention. Might just be another Japanese author I thought. But only recently, when I was paying a visit to a Kinokuniya bookstore with A, that suddenly his name came up in mind, and I decided to try to buy and read his latest book titled 1Q84. And guess what, I can say this is the best book that I have ever read! It is very difficult to describe my feeling when I first started reading it. At some point I thought that this book is sooo weird that I should stop reading it. But it keeps on calling me, and now I am halfway through. Sometimes I just can't put it down, I have to really convince myself that I have something else to do. Definitely I will be looking for more Murakamis after this. But before that, I need to find out what's going to happen to Tengo and Aomame and Fuka-Eri and the Little People first!

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