Sunday, 22 April 2012

Back to work, and a quick movie review

I have just finished a three-week so called "Induction Programme" specifically for civil servants waiting for confirmation of their current position. Overall it was a fun programme. Despite the intense lectures and talks on the systems adopted by the university, we were also expected to know how the country is managed. More so on the governance part. To make it more interesting, we have to sit for an exam (which is going to be in few days time, wish me luck!), which if we did not pass, we have to re-sit for the three-week programme again O_O'!

Well it was not too bad after all. I made some new friends from different faculties and departments, had the chance to do aerobics, a cycling session with the uni top managements (love this!), and also the chance to show the creative part of us. But most importantly, it makes me one better employee. But it depends on how the exam goes, which I will write about it after that.

Other than that, not too long time ago, I had the chance to see a local movie called "Bunohan". They said it is the name of a village in Kelantan (my hometown!) near the Thai border. But I have to admit I have never heard of the village until they made the movie. It was widely touted as a "local movie with a different twist". So I decided to give it a go, other than being "talked" into it by somebody ;)

Though not comparable to movies from the West, it really has something to ponder upon. The whole movie was shot in or around the village, and everyone speaks the local dialect (which I really enjoyed) though some actors obviously worked hard to get the feel of the accent. They can be commended on that. And you don't really see many girls in it, except for one main actress that does not talk a lot. Anyway the whole movie was about a village boy-turned boxer in Thailand ran away from a match, and his elder brother was sent to assassinate him. So in the quest to look for his younger brother, you could see all the village life, family feud, the hunger for money that turned a son into a murderer and many more. Though the plot is not too difficult to be understood, I did fail to connect a few parts with the whole story. Maybe because the movie is more of an 'artsy' movie and I am not very much so :) But I love arts. Overall it was a good watch, quite a different genre to what I am used to. See below for trailer.