Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday's Agenda

Finally after being hampered by bad weather for several Sundays, I managed to gather all the strength needed and went jogging this morning, given the lovely sunny weather. My stamina has been going from bad to worse lately, and I know that I must do something to get back on track.

As early as 8 am, I drove to the nearest park, which is the Hutan Bandar Mutiara Rini (Mutiara Rini Urban Forest) about 5-10 minutes drive from home. Once there, I was surprised to see so many people jogging, light walking, picnicking with family members. It was good to know that Malaysians, especially JB/Skudai residents are so health conscious. They even wake up that early just to do that. Looking at the public preference for such an open space, I can't help but thinking that the authorities should provide more of such parks. We in this country is not yet short of empty spaces. The Hutan Bandar itself is almost at its full capacity. Perhaps a proper, well-maintained park for each new housing development is not a bad idea. Other than for public health and aesthetic reasons, I could also boost local economy and increase liveability of the surrounding area. There's nothing to lose to have more parks and gardens built.

As for my stamina, it's building up at a very, very slow pace...



  1. chaiyok2!

    last aku bangun pagi semate2 nak jogging:mase kt UTM- palapes..sob..sob..

  2. alamak lama sgt tu hehe. blehla stat balik, sambil tolak stroller pon boley...