Sunday, 23 October 2011

Real Steel

Work commitments did not allow me to get something new on this page for a while. But spending some time between lectures and lunch I think is worth while, especially to write about a good movie like this.
So this is about the latest movie that I saw, Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman aka Charlie. Typical Hugh Jackman in the movie, carrying the kind of character we have seen in many of his movies. But what makes it good is the storyline. It is about a robot handler in the year 2020 (Charlie), trying to make ends meet by fighting other robots in fighting rings all over the country.

But the problem is, he is not a good handler, despite having been a good boxer. He then discovered that his ex wife had passed away, leaving him the custody to his estranged son. Custody is also requested by the boy's aunt to the court, which Charlie has no problem granting as a mean to demanding money from the lady's rich husband. The husband hesitantly agreed to Charlie's demand, so to make his wife happy. The deal was done secretly, and Charlie received half of the money. The other half would be given after he returns the boy back to the family. But Charlie, on some rare occasions being smart, said that he wants to spend the summer with the boy first.  I think as a way to demand more money, by making the lady to miss the boy so badly.

So most of the story unwinds during this period. How a non-existing relationship between father and son develops. The best part is of course the robofights, but I think the robots were depicted as being too humanly (including having some sort of weird emotions) with too-smooth a movement. But that does not take away the joy of watching. The emotional parts of the movie are also smartly weaved in between the rough, muddy and dangerous world that Charlie chose to live. Some cool moments too when the boy taught the bot to dance!

Overall, no disappointments, total joy of watching, no cliches. Five out of five from me.


  1. Ahhhhh you spoil ... someone who haven't see it yet ... :P

  2. hehe i could have written more. but don't worry, there is still a lot to see. so you better go soon!

  3. hahaha unfortunately it's not in cinema yet :( from the schedule it will release on 1 Dec :( :( so before that TinTin, The Thing and The twilight saga first :)